Lately, life has been in winter lock-down under a permanent cloud cover. And yes, this visual metaphor speaks loudly for all that has transpired this past week. How will we survive? Clueless actually, but still, my way is this: create some healthy routines. Those Sunday to Saturday, day to day rituals, that cause you to exhale and remember your center; whatever those activities are, you need to foster and maintain a few. Hold on to those when you feel tempest-tossed.


Our new home is all windows. Light pours in from all four sides even under the heavy cloud cover. This week we watched the snow fall, then icy rain and frozen mist, all from within our cozy vantage. But regardless of the weather, within a few short hours of being indoors, I find I have to move. Walk or run, perhaps on the best days, cross-country ski. The routine of daily moving, facing the elements, come what may, is deeply ingrained in me. In fact, a day without exercise never feels quite right. Every Sunday I take advantage of my time off, plotting a mid-afternoon run, while on Saturday mornings, my routine includes an early morning yoga class. Late day Tuesday, you can find me swimming in the neighborhood pool (yes, indoor during the winter months). Rituals help me through the longer, meeting-heavy days. Perhaps you can craft some meaningful activities of your own that move you?


Gather your strength from within by facing the natural world every day.


 Together we will survive this challenging season, this ice storm, this atmospheric heaviness and dark days. This metaphor.


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