Spring Fling

Come April I am desperate to see more color in the natural world beyond my doorway. The snow melt has left rivulets of brown earth all through the open fields which are also left browned by the harsh winter. Trees are still bare, their silvery gray bark peeling in the brisk wind, abandoned broken branches strewn all across my yard, while I crave soft pink, daffodil yellow and kelly green. The anticipation over Spring is building only making my yearning more frantic. Old time Nine Cent Girl readers will know, this time of year I often concoct a photo shoot with expectation dominating my mood board, pulling together an array of props from my closet to mimic the bright pastels and infectious joy that is about to arrive. This week that happened once more with me prancing about my living room, having donned three “new to me” outfits. Since I was a teen I have loved finding wardrobe favorites from thrift stores or yard sales or in the case of these dresses, from the pop-up sale of a friend’s closet. Perhaps not divine inspiration but a Spring Fling all the same.

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Springing Forward

Historically I never stay down too long. There is something in my nature that beats back dark despair with a burst of frivolity and crazy. For this Nine Cent Girl that avenue back to light often involves some sort of photo shoot. Go back through my past posts in the fashion category and there is the sense of bursting from every photo. Not quite quiet desperation but most certainly standing on the edge. It was the same this week. War for one. Continued COVID fatigue another. General unease about the future of our planet under the direction of demagogues a third. Let’s not kid ourselves with naming one. They stand shoulder to shoulder in our Senate and rule with a recklessness I would not allow with my ninth graders. So, to combat ALL OF THAT, I allowed for a few hours of play.

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reduce, reuse, and recycle

Tonight is a recycled post with recycled ideas and recycled clothing. What better time than now to slow down, celebrate where you have been, and enjoy your treasures all over again? Summer is, after all, a perfect time for churning over your thoughts and your outfits and still Being Here Now. For being true to you. Here’s to that basic ideology and best life advice. Even our FLOTUS follows this creed. Message me your thoughts! #slowfashionrevolution #summerfashion2021 #betruetoyou #wearitagain #flotus

Nine Cent Girl

Hopefully, everyone is reducing, reusing, and recycling. I’m on board, but not just with my cardboard. I’m all about keeping my clothing, season after season, opting not to buy into each new trend that surfaces. When I look back through my photo stream, I’ve noticed I’m often wearing the same dress, from Venice, Italy, to Venice, California, for over a decade. So I ask you, why hop on the shopping train, why not instead, keep your garments wearing longer? This year, as floral once again flooded the racks, I included an old floral favorite, worn first on a Kentucky waterfront a decade ago, then on a spring night two years ago, and resurfaced this year during my trip to France. Packable, light, and totally worth rewearing. Before you purchase a new wardrobe this Fall, consider how you might reduce your footprint, by reusing, at the very least, much of what you…

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