First draft fiction

Instead of writing a blog post tonight, I’m continuing with my NaNoWriMo novel, trying to keep the momentum going for the remainder of November. A goal that seems fruitful during these dark afternoons. So, instead, I’ll share a snippet of my writing with you. Hopefully you will enjoy a few lines of my first draft fiction. First, how about a glimpse of my running path from earlier this week? So lovely… yeah, I’m pretty lucky these days.

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Rose for the Occasion

Since forever I have overheard colleagues chatting about their sunrise hikes. Most of October I thought I’d join them, and even suggested a few mornings that might be possible. But the thought of racing to work afterwards, in all that sweat and dirt, and still command a room of teens with confidence, halted me. This morning, an in-service teacher-only day, the week after the time change, plus our unseasonably mild weather, yeah, because of all of that, today the Elmore Mountain hike happened. Started with headlamps under a starry sky but as dawn does, she came fast with tangerine and pink to overcome the black. We enthusiastically tried to make it to the lookout before the sun.

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NaNoWriMo is On!

Yes, November is National Novel Writing Month. One month = 50,000 word novel. Needless to say, there will be no blog post from me this week. Instead, I’m spending my writing time getting to know a whole new cast of characters and discovering what sorts of sticky spots they will fall into. What fun!!


Wish me luck… I’ll update y’all on my progress next Thursday! xxoo