Kapha Is Upon Us

Kapha season returns, and so does this post from last March!! Let the spring adventures commence.

Nine Cent Girl

The cold dry white winter is shifting into a still cool but rainier second part of winter, known in Ayureda, as Kapha. Feeling sluggish? Your mind racing with thought? Unable to motivate? Maybe even a bit down in the dumps? Then you know the downside of Kapha. But there is a simple solution: get outside!


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State of Beauty

Due to our move I have not been out and about nearly as much as I would like. But this October, like so many others, has proven to be a show stopper! Hope you enjoy these old photos, that look very much like today’s, and I hope you are getting out and about yourself. xxoo

Nine Cent Girl

field Autumn brings a plenitude of tourists to Vermont from all over the world to view the sugar maples gone wild in their October hues. From Canada to Massachusetts no-Vacancy signs hang in front of every Inn, Motel, Lodge and Hotel, when color is banging bright during these short weeks. Back-woods dirt-roads, which are normally a place of tranquil driving, become obstacle courses as the locals have to navigate around photo-takers strategically straddling the thoroughfares. Some of my neighbors get quite peeved by these tourists obstructing their commute, but I don’t mind, in fact, I am often hopping out of my car to stand right along side of them, framing my shot of the early morning mist lifting off the river, or the electric brilliance of the deciduous trees in their glory, or the freshly hayed field against the dark stand of pines. The list is endless actually for Vermont is…

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Graduation Day #again

Congratulations to the Class of 2016! Inspiring me, as I am inspired by brave graduates year after year. All the luck in the world to you!

Nine Cent Girl

First published in June of 2011. True then. True now; and I hope you think worth a re-read too!! me

As a teacher of high school seniors, come June, I am reminded daily of the almost–here graduation-day swiftly moving toward us. There is no them and me or me and them at this point, for we have all been riding on this roller-coaster of great expectations and harsh realities for an entire school year together. All over the country 18 year olds are experiencing this free-falling sensation and I for one think it is a feeling worth catching on to, but I did not start out with this appreciation. No, I most certainly did not, in fact, I did my best to stay uninfected with what I, as well as most adults, labeled senior-itis.

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It’s Sugar Time!

Tis the Sweet Season! Sugar houses all around are bursting with steam as the boiling continues into the night. Vermont does a few things well, but does maple syrup best. Hope you enjoy this look back at a favorite post as sugaring peaks again, xxoo

Nine Cent Girl

IMG_5307In late March–early April, Spring remains subtle in northern Vermont. Snow still covers the higher ground, while in the valley only the smallest of flowers break through the hard frozen earth. Sunny days might drive the temperature into the 40’s but nighttime sends it back below freezing. This pattern makes most of us stir crazy, but for the maple sugar maker this is a formula for success. Steam rising from sugar shacks once the boiling begins becomes the sign that Spring has indeed arrived and the sugar makers have no control over these fast and furious few weeks; once the nighttime stays too warm the sap slows and eventually stops. This labor intensive process can occupy a whole extended family and their neighbors, all coming together to gather the gallons of sap, boil it down and bottle the syrup.

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Strawberry Fields Forever

I’m on VACATION so….posting slipped my mind last night. HOWEVER, today, tomorrow, or whenever possible, I want to encourage you, dear reader, to make some fresh jam (it’s strawberry season in VT, so that’s what is cooking on our stove). Simply stated: Life is so much better with jam. So much, trust me! xxoo

Nine Cent Girl

farmstandVermont is “Pick Your Own” territory: from summer berries to fall apples we have the opportunity to visit farms and orchards to handpick any number of fruit, much of it organic.

Despite a very wet June the strawberry crop at River Berry Farm was coming beautifully, although later than typical. In between the rain storms rolling through our valley I had a fortuitous and dry hour-long window to pick six quarts of ripe and wonderfully sweet strawberries.

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