Indian summer: a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.

picmonkey-collageMy students were a bit alarmed when I mentioned what a glorious Indian summer we were having this September. Yes, alarmed. They were concerned I was using a derogatory term. Perhaps they are right, but it was a term from my youth and I was only remarking on the extraordinary warm, gloriously warm, days we are experiencing. A glorious string of days that I am taking full advantage of by spending afternoons outdoors. As they sat in my classroom peering at the blue beyond the bank of windows I encouraged them to do the same once the last bell rings. Get out and breathe in the prana.

bike-collageHow many times have you stopped to say thank you to this spectacular earth? As I sailed along the smooth pavement and perfectly engineered bridges along the miles of bike path, I thought, how is this planet so so so so giving and available and wonderful and yet, still taken for granted? These days, these gifted days, are all opportunities to stop. Savor. Be appreciative.

food-collageFood too. Eat fresh and take advantage of seasonal delights. I carried two sweet lemons back from my last Los Angeles trip, plucked from my brother’s backyard trees, now squeezed over fresh eggs, local sausage and veggies, making for a fast and fabulous al fresco supper. A sweet lemon? Yes, there is a simplicity in such a miraculous delight.

Eat light. Eat local. Eat one ingredient foods. And bless your good fortune. Seriously great fortune if you eat half this deliciously.

swim-collageRaise your glass and salute this splendid planet we inhabit. And revel in all it offers. Air. Water. Soil. Do what you can to keep it spinning without your footprint slowing it. If you have the great fortune of reveling in such a spectacular Indian summer, why not enjoy it to the very last? Let that golden orb perform its magic over your mood. Watch it sink beyond the treetops and spill into violet and crimson and never forget you are among the lucky. Never. Do let me know what Autumn joys you experience! xxoo

7 thoughts on “Indian summer: a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.

  1. We have also had a hot and dry September in northern Germany. I spent several evenings observing thousands of barn swallows entering the sleeping place in the reeds. Now they are on their way to Africa and White-fronted Geese are returning from Siberian tundra.

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  2. The best Season is what we refer to as “Indian Summer” or Autumn. It is a sad commentary that youth today think every term is “racist”! Although history traces it back to the time when Pilgrims first settled here, which is too long to explain here. The colors, warmth, and scent in the air, the difference in foods are what makes it a time of year embraced by many. So for me the warmth of Autumn days and cool nights will still be “Indian Summer” to me.
    ** Have your students read the “Mayflower” to understand just what the Pilgrims really went through – not the visionary picture of Indians and Pilgrims sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner.

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