Come What May

As 2015 stands in the doorway I reflect back on all that brought me here: we can’t change the past nor can we know what lies ahead, we can only determine how to live within this moment. In private I will review my shortcomings, but in this post I’ll relive the highlights, each memory bringing joy into my heart and soul, each worth a remembrance on the sweet possibilities gifted each day.


Extraordinary days of 2014 are easy to recollect (and have been the topic of many previous blog posts) because there were so so many:Β  Revolving on the London Eye as glistening sunshine shot down the Thames and lit up the Parliament towers. Diving into the warm Atlantic under an August full moon while laughter kept us afloat. Catching countless fire-breathing sunsets: famously from a Venice Beach rooftop, another on a lakeside dock in the Poconos, and a special one along the rocky Maine coast.


Yes, magical days of 2014 spring easily in my mind’s eye.

Being present on the birthday of my oldest friend, and another rarity, celebrating with my Mother on her 87th. Watching fireworks burst overheard while the symphony played the 1812 Overture. Visiting the set of Downton Abbey and meeting the actors who fill my living room Sunday nights. Seeing Van Gogh to Kandinsky and discovering what yellow feels like when brushed broadly across a canvas. Christening a tug boat that’s now part of my family’s 150 year old fleet. All once in a lifetime events neatly woven together to form my 2014.


Learn from the past and live in the present.” This phrase we have heard so many times is echoing around my mind as I prepare for the new year: accepting the past challenges as lessons to learn from; looking into my self with a clear light and accepting what needs to be undone and repaired; finding hope instead of fear as I move forward. As 2014 fades from view I anticipate what lies ahead, with eyes open and full heart.


Come what may, I’m ready for you 2015. Blessed days ahead for you and yours too, xxoo.

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