Good News Movement

Here we are folks, surrounded by increased fear and corporate greed and fresh lies and more scary diseases. Just about every sound bite or headline is enough to send even the most even-keeled among us into a full-on never to recover panic attack. But, and this is a major but, there is plenty of good news sparking up every neighborhood cul-de-sac and throughout your day to day which is worth focusing on, if we only dare to let it, don’t you think? Like, just reflect back, even today, you probably had several wonderful encounters with actual humans worth celebrating, right? Tonight I’ll share a few pleasantries from my week rather than fixate on the latest lunacy being reported by our brave and brilliant reporters. What do you say? You with me? Ready to join a movement of good news?

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It’s August, a perfect time to give myself a real vacation from thinking too hard about sticky stuff. Of course special thanks to Kansas voters who voiced the opinion of most Americans, and who have started my mind-cation off in the right direction. Added thank you to all who are still working to keep our Democracy out of the hands of those bent on destroying every last truth. You people deserve golden metals and shiny honors.

Today, as I watched the sun rise from high in the sky, I was reminded once again, that each day brings possibilities and choices for all of us. Mine is to take a needed long mental break and relax into the stretch of sunshine and family and joy ahead.

My Dad drove a Convertible

My Dad drove a convertible. Once he turned onto our crab tree lined lane, the volume of his Beethoven’s Fifth rattling everyone’s windows, a harbinger of his arrival sending us out to greet him. Top down, music soaring, he was beaming in the sunshine and wind, after a long day of doctoring. After dinner rides to the Dairy Queen, a pile of neighborhood kids squashing into his back seat, quarters held tight in our palms, eager for one of those delicious dipped cones. My hair whipping around my face yet seriously nothing felt better on a hot night than those rides in his red convertible. Every summer I find myself, windows down, radio up, driving a bit too fast for the curves ahead, thinking of his love of all things summer, chasing those carefree snippets of youth.

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