Hit the Road

Most of the time, okay all of the time, we plot our daily routine with certainty. Same for vacations. Airline tickets are bought in advance, as are hotel stays. We may opt for an odd mid-week dinner out from time to time, but mostly we are bound by schedule and calendar. However, there comes a time in July when the ocean beacons, and as Vermont is land bound, this requires a drive across the Green then White Mountains and through the Maine pines before you see that rocky shoreline. So with the spirit of summer as our guide, we broke all the rules and decided to go on an impromptu weekend excursion.

Thankfully there is the internet: you can find out availability, cost, and amenities with a few clicks. We found a place that turned out to have everything we wanted, exactly where we wanted to be, within sight of the ocean and luckily Hanscom’s Motel proved as cozy in reality as advertized on their website.

photo 3

Yes, spontaneity is great, but so is bringing along healthy food. Cut veggies, homemade hummus, hard-boiled eggs, local bread, and almond milk went in our large cooler, and a few bags comprised from our cupboard were filled with nuts and seeds and healthy treats. Traveling with food really cuts cost, stops you from veering off the route looking for suitable restaurants, and keeps you feeling your best. Minimal effort for big gain.

photo 1-1

Breakfast was easy with fresh berries bought at a local farm stand and our fixing for coffee. Having a kitchenette made daytime meals easy to prepare including a quick quinoa, kale and pea pod salad, which also traveled well.

photo 2-1

Our goal for the weekend was to poke along the rocky coast, listen to waves crash, feel sunshine on our faces, unplug and unwind. Thankfully the northern Maine coastline is a place where this is possible. Throughout our day we also found regional beauty and quirky spots and hopped out of the car for photos.

photo 2-2

photo 1-2

By day’s end we shifted to wanting dinner, al fresco, preferably with a lobster and festive drink. Bar Harbor offered both. Scoring a table without a reservation along with a fabulous sunset proved that luck was still ours. Spontaneity sparked smiles all around for hours.

photo 2-1 copy

Long story short, take a chance on a new vacation destination, bring what you need to keep your energy level going, and head out on the fly. There is so much to see and experience right around every corner. Summer is forever fun when you hit the road!!


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