amidst the politics

While art is occupying Facebook posts, #pussyhats make way for #ShePersisted, #thebusinessman is still spouting #alternativefacts, as his wacko, unqualified, and even dangerous cabinet candidates, one by one, get confirmed. Amidst the politics we must do what we can do and tend to love and compassion and truth. History shows us that if we do, the best of us will prevail.Β  Along with holding these lofty ideals, we must also ski. Breathe in the cold. Re-new and re-fresh our soul.

img_2912There is magic in a snowfall. A cleansing and release. I’m always grateful for a groomed trail and enough snow pack to glide right into the forest, and perhaps hear the winter birds’ story.

I savored one moment of solitude until the laughter and antics of the ski team and several of my colleagues caught me and out of breath from the chase we halt. Smile. And collectively feel the hope and promise this outdoor experience grants.

cross-country skiing in VermontDespite White House division tactics, communities all over our country are coming together around signs and ideas and demands. Also on skis, outside during a cold afternoon, pushing forward to find our very best.


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