dream in pink and green

Sometimes life is perfect. Right when you need it most. And this week, as my sister put it, “You hit the lottery.” Now, IMG_4123considering all the curve balls we have been running to catch, the near misses we have handled, and the hits we have taken, good fortune is indeed due. But does need predict success? Does desperation grant achievement? I will tell you, no, a flat out no. Just ask anyone experiencing troubles. No one feels their challenges were warranted, nor is there a quota; yet despite misfortune, miraculously, most learn to endure all that comes their way. Thankfully this week, we kick up our heels. Smile brightly. Look up. For fortune favored us.

As I sift through years of blog posts I notice that the backbone of Nine Cent Girl is about getting back up. Proceeding when all your chips are lost. Advice on the day to day march despite the hardship that stands in your way. Post after post declares, “Keep going forward, keep your chin up, keep your eyes on the prize.” Affirmations that make surviving an impossible January, a grueling February and a fickle March, possible. But I am here to tell you that life can present a different side. In fact, tonight I’m putting my feet up, and counting myself blessed. Just like that. Out of the blue.


Now I know I’m being as opaque as the swirling late-spring snowstorm raging just beyond my living room window but you will have to be satisfied with this public notice that fortune has twisted in our direction as of late. Crazy part is, we were becoming accustomed to worry, to the other shoe falling, to mistrust and misfortune. This upturn left us more off center than we expected. Goodwill weighing oddly on our bent frames.

But tonight, we stretch to stand taller, to walk through the doorway of opportunity with confidence, observe the golden orb casting a brilliant sheen across our path and dance just a wee bit longer before dark. We remember what lucky feels like.

IMG_4056Tomorrow we will begin a happier adventure. Tomorrow we will notice all the goodness still showering this prospering planet. Tomorrow I will tell an even better story and dream in pink and green.


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4 thoughts on “dream in pink and green

    • Well,I know where all this “living” comes from…….There is a “higher power” if you call it that….I say “GOD”….at any rate…He is in charge…….I am so thankful that good things are coming your way….and for your siblings,,,,,,and for me…..and I know how to thank,,,,,,He likes that…


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