Dark Month Survival: Part One

November can be a rut. A grey and dismal month, (thankfully with one grand meal to share). But you can combat November’s dreariness by making a simple plan. Keep your sanity. Your waistline. Your sense of adventure. With a plan you can stick to. One that feeds you. What am I referring to? Find a pool. Dive in!


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Hit the Road

Most of the time, okay all of the time, we plot our daily routine with certainty. Same for vacations. Airline tickets are bought in advance, as are hotel stays. We may opt for an odd mid-week dinner out from time to time, but mostly we are bound by schedule and calendar. However, there comes a time in July when the ocean beacons, and as Vermont is land bound, this requires a drive across the Green then White Mountains and through the Maine pines before you see that rocky shoreline. So with the spirit of summer as our guide, we broke all the rules and decided to go on an impromptu weekend excursion.

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Fast Food

dockJanuary is pounding. Grueling. The Polar Vortex swirling its icy breeze clear across the continent. What else is there to do but think of food. Fast. Hot. My advice for what to cook? Hearty food: White Bean Stew with Chicken Sausage. From start to finish in 30 minutes. Sound like a dream come true? Well yes, it is, and luckily, you can make it yourself quite easily.

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