Funshine in the Sunshine

Recently I thought about the whole half-full half-empty glass question. In all honesty, I have to admit, I can be a half-empty person. Shocked? Well, that top half, the one that starts at the brim and ends in the middle, that half always looks so enticing. Nothing like a full glass. A first sip brings a smile to anyone’s face. And I’m always eager to get topped off to experience a full glass over and over again. But sometimes in the midst of a whole lot of fun I start worrying about the end. I stop being in the moment and before I know it I am no longer enjoying what is in front of me.

But right then and there in that realization I made a decision to look at my half-empty glass and see it not as empty, not yet, in fact, see there is much left to savor. A half-full glass of anything is still refreshing, so why not love every sip until the last drop? Why let my eyes drift to the bottom? Why worry about an experience being over while still enjoying it?

As we are mid-way through summer, I thought I’d end this pattern by not focusing on the end date, and look at the calendar with possibility. Plenty of mornings to swim. Plenty of dinners to cook outdoors. Plenty of nights to watch for shooting stars. Plenty of cocktails to toast with friends. Plenty of sunshine to fuel our funshine.

Perhaps a montage of summer photos can remind us all what is still possible in our glass. Let’s start with a beach-side ice cream stand. Instead of driving past with diet on your mind, stop and indulge! Hey, it’s July, how you look in a swimsuit today is pretty much how you’re going to look tomorrow.


Speaking of bathing suits, put one on and get in the water! Seriously, float, splash, play in the waves.ย  Waste away at least one day this July. Preferably with a dozen or so of your friends and family. Listen to the old stories and the new ones. That just might turn out to be the best day you remember.


I’m quite lucky that there are plenty of Pick-your-Own farms in my area: starting with mid-June berries all the way to Autumn apples. Is there anything that smells more like summer than a bubbling fruit? Discover what yummy concoctions you can concoct with your own local fruits. Come winter, as you spread your jam on hearty toast you will be reminded of these golden days.


How about a garden party? String up some lights, throw blankets and pillows on the grass, make sun-tea and cupcakes, invite all the mommas and kiddos you know. Or accept that invite to your friend’s daughter’s 4th birthday party! Don a wide-brim hat, bring a gift, and catch up with the girls. Oh, and eat a sliver of that cake too!


Did I mention water? The amount of water in the human body is more than half — yes– more than half. Is it any wonder that we are drawn to walking along the shore, skimming across the top, or diving straight into every imaginable body of water!?! The latest craze–standup paddle boarding–has all of us swept up. Rent a board and see for yourself what all the hoopla is all about.


Have you eaten enough ice cream? Pretty sure you need to eat ice cream for dinner at least once this July. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Just once. So worth the sheer fun factor.


See your friends. The ones that mean the most. The ones you never have time for but make you feel happy. Share a meal with candles and linger around the table until the sky goes black and then walk outside and look up and make up names for the constellations and twinkling stars. Make the evening last.


Just as important is to unplug. Get away. Create a moment of solitude. Even for an afternoon. Pack a sandwich. Grab an old quilt. Find a quiet spot. Do some serious nothing all on your own.


Stay on the water’s edge until dusk. Watch the sky slip into evening colors. Experience night. Light a fire. Pour a full glass and enjoy every sip. This is July. Still.


7 thoughts on “Funshine in the Sunshine

  1. Yes – every day is a gift. As the sun rises through the trees, I will seek to fill this day with gratitude and joy. Thank you for the inspiration to do so.


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