the little stuff

Without fail, on certain days, I find myself measuring myself against the giants, those who trod across uncertain landscapes firmly and with certainty, ease. I know I shouldn’t, but it has always been my cross, to want more. I’m not sure I can blame my parents for this one, maybe it was their post-depression dreams feed to me with all they believed possible, men reaching for the moon, a culture breaking sexual taboos and racial barriers, and seeing a world rebuild after war. Today I attempt to content myself by focusing on the little stuff. Finding the joy that nature brings. Taking a moment to look up at the blue or remembering to look down, to really see what’s here and now.

close up of a bare branch

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change comin’ on

Daily last summer, on any of those glorious days, I’d open the front door just to stay closer to green. The sugar maple out front was lush with leaves, and even in the rain I leaned out to drink in that verdant hue. Looking ahead, all I envisioned were more luscious moments, more sweet air, and more bird song.

red door in Vermont farmhouse

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After the last suture was stitched, the mohs surgeon said he was going to cover the incision with glue. This guy is the best. You wait months to be in his surgical chair. And he’s funny, so I thought the glue comment might be a joke. But no, his intern told me with his eyes, glue is the next step. And then, as he applied the sticky goo across his handy work, my Dr. broke into another chorus with his favorite group, Supertramp, who had been serenading us during the whole procedure through the portable speakers.

Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along

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Walk Yourself Happy

With our move behind us, we are once again able to get out and about and celebrate with autumn in full flame around us. Vermont is abuzz with tourists from near and far, taking in the many vistas, and counting themselves lucky to view the foliage. We are thrilled to be right there on the trail with them as the leaves peak with color while the temperatures are still mild enough to enjoy being outdoors. Whatever may still be on the To-Do list can wait until tomorrow when there is such a glorious afternoon!

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Moving Day

Much of our life got boxed up, the rest sent off to Goodwill or the dump or the undecided pile. Since November 2013 we have been on the move, downsizing each of the three times, to this, our first, almost official, tiny house. Plenty of decisions about what we still need or want in our lives. Decisions about what is officially junk or worth selling. Decisions about what can fit and what is functional. Decisions about aesthetics. Decisions made while washing the dishes or doing errands or half in the doorway while leaving for work. Decisions on the fly. Moving day is upon us and decisions rule the day.

moving1Do you ask friends to help you when they volunteer repeatedly? After our first big move, from Inn to apartment, each location with multiple staircases and just too much stuff to bear, we decided that was an imposition we could never ask again; so instead, discovered a local and fabulous company of handy movers who were more than happy to lug our overly packed boxes. Friends are lifesavers worth saving for celebrations and anniversaries and birthdays or to console you through your sorrows, but not to move boxes of books.


Now, a few short days after the big day, we are still unpacking (which is why this is not a proper blog post); but I will share a few preliminary pics to show off the new space. Still arranging and rearranging, thinking about art placement, all the homey touches, but here’s a sneak peak!


The house is passive, causing only a minimal footprint, so every interior inch is precious. Of course the expansive view, as many Vermont locals provide, is one that showcases a bright blue sky and shouts of Autumn color. Feeling lucky, feeling blessed, feeling like this will be a wonderful home once we settle in.


Shifting into Routine


School buses tie up the morning commute, meetings fill our afternoons, beach towels are folded into the back of the closet, as we all return to the hustle and bustle of routine. With the warm September temps here in New England, Autumn looms faintly, yet we must begin those chores that need to be completed before the first frost. And naturally, we begin to prepare our internal life too. Time to update your local yoga schedule. And go to a class. Install the Headspace app on your smart phone. And use it today. Plan your evening meal with convenience and health in mind. And eat well, quickly. Yes, it is September after all.

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New beginnings open before us each moment, but especially in the Autumn, with golden hues hitting the green, tasseled cow corn tall IMG_7076enough to be harvested, frosty morning air and apple trees laden with fruit: seasonal indicators to prod us forward. The shift from beach chair to classroom comes at the same time. This migration inward is a challenge on every possible level for families across the continent: shuffling schedules, sitting again, waking up to an alarm, sitting again, planning lunches and snacks, sitting again, and how to get all the laundry done? Did I mention sitting again? School sessions are in full swing, for students and teachers alike; together we face those challenges once again.

Thankfully there are bursts of color, everywhere, literally.

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