Stuff an Acorn Squash

Despite the #SeptemberSummer we are experiencing these days even in far Northern Vermont, our farm stands and Farmers’ Markets are exploding with winter squash and root vegetables. Time to think about oven cooking, right? Well, that’s what we thought too. Here’s a fast, vegetarian, (and easy to convert to vegan), gluten free, and low calorie meal you can whip up during cocktail hour, and eat before 7:00! Ready to stuff an acorn squash? Well, here we go…picisto-20131003180413-668808 Continue reading

shadow season

Halloween starts the dark months in the northern hemisphere, when clocks race toward night while we still yearn for day, trees that just last week were ablaze are now bare, the mosaic of the forest floor morphs into a brown sepia tone, and the monochromatic blue-grey skyline fades quickly to black. Where can we look to find a spark? How can we edge up a smile that lasts past the early dusk? What lurks just ahead that can transform our outlook? Well, I have three suggestions.

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Horizons and Mountains Beckon

IMG_1986Where there was green we now witness brilliance. Color floods our view yet we know this visual joy is a last burst; as Robert Frost foretells, “Nothing gold can stay.” All of a sudden, everything is changing, and the geese flying overhead let you know this with much certainty, for their particular honk grabs all our attention. Look up, look up, they call, we are on the move. Perhaps, they imply, you should be too?

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Some weeks I go super broad in this blog– with topics that affect us all–you know BIG PICTURE stuff. Other times I write small–internal pulls–just me stuff. I can’t say for sure which readers appreciate more, but each week I follow my heart and hope for the best. This is one of those small posts, for all I could do was ruminate and observe nature’s reflection around me.

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Boots Made for Walking

cat1Autumn is upon us, with flooding sunshine and falling leaves and dropping temperatures. This is a favorite time of year because of the blast of color and treats of harvest, after all, who doesn’t love all shades orange or every apple recipe? As I moved summer lightweights to the back of my closet and woolen garments to the front, I made another adjustment, the shift from sandals to boots! Perhaps more than ever boots are everywhere, from the runway to the street, lace-up to zip-up, ankle height to over-the-knee, suede to shiny and in every hue. For this shoot, I dug up a favorite pair from last year and donned new favorites, but each one is a walkable boot–my main criteria. After all, we need to keep moving with all this brilliance around us! Joined by my kitty we danced about in the foliage for a brilliant afternoon.

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Balance: Inside and Out

Earth-lighting-equinox_ENThe equinox is a perfect balance between day and night, offering equal amounts of light and dark in our 24 hour cycle. What a perfect metaphor to hold in our mind as we bring that same balance into our bodies. Time to let go of the excess heat, laziness and wild abandon of Summer and prepare for the biting cold, introspection and long night of Winter… Autumn acts as a gentle buffer, filling our landscape with amber, marigold and crimson to ease this seasonal transition. We can do the same in our kitchens by crafting a hearty supper filled with the vegetables of harvest time.

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A Brisk Walk

I know, I know, you have read plenty on this blog about my love of walking and my obsession about this avenue to better health… I do know, really. But in all seriousness, I am convinced, beyond all the wellness benefits, that if we only add a tad more walking into our daily life we would feel excellent, be better people, live happier lives, and find direction and determination in the very places we need to find them. Too grandiose? Truly, all the promise possible can be accomplished with a brisk 20 minute walk!

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