Change is Around

In steady measured steps we move upward,
foot hitting root and rock,
a layer of orange, red, and yellow leaves swept along too.
Markers painted on the tree truck show us the way,
but just as often our eye is drawn to another less worn path,
to another possibility, and another.
This journey calls us.

Change is around, and for that constant,
we are grateful.
We are not who we were last year,
last decade, or any of those other past days.
Even in the near twilight we see possible.
Even in uncertainty we feel potential.
Even on shifting ground we find promise.

The whole vista stretching us across the valley floor
and rolling up the endless hills.
Every dream is within our reach
or at least within sight.

Funny how even retracing our steps,
heading back down,
surroundings look different.
Or is it that we are returning anew from that expansive view at the top?


4 thoughts on “Change is Around

  1. You write some beautiful words here, Moira. Your photos are gorgeous, too. The last one with all the different colour leaves is just stunning. I’ve never seen that variety of leaves here in the UK. This was a pleasure to read.

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