Change is in the air once again. Mornings start off crisp while dusk arrives sooner now that it is mid-September. But I find myself wanting to hold on to the laze of August before it vanishes completely. So I attempt to stroll about in the afternoons and take in the flowering gardens, the green in the meadows, the life of the forest, and all the rest of those sweet reminders that summer holds for us. Tonight why not stroll with me, and enjoy the precious sights that are my immediate world before the seasonal change comes for real.

These sunflowers exist for the bees and birds and me. United in our appreciation, these blooms are an exalted sight in my backyard, year after year, bringing enormous joy. On the daily there seem to be more flowers, each unique hue and size lead to a smile. Keep coming, I whisper to them, keep coming despite the sinking temperatures, bloom on.

On lucky afternoons I get home early enough to get into the woods. The forest floor is splattered with the early leaf fall even while most trees still hold their green leaves. Something about transitions halts me, causes me to hold back, until I find the yes. On this afternoon, with the gentle rain overhead, the green is still dominant, still vibrant.

The brilliance of red slays me every year. Striking the eye from great distance, this first hue wins me over and prepares me for the rich cacophony of color just ahead. But the path is still grassy and verdant and the breeze a warm one, so much so that it could be August for a lingering moment. I stop to feel it. Listen for the pond frogs. The birds still busy with their To Do lists. All the same as a few weeks ago, except for that red.

Of course, cooler days mean running weather, and that I am indeed ready for again. This plateau is a worthwhile reward after the long climb to reach it. Not possible for me in the heat and humidity, but on this afternoon, after all the work stuff is packed away, there is nothing but freedom running with a mountain range in view. Okay, I try that on, okay Autumn, come what may, I’ll do my best with you too, I find myself saying,





2 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. This was a wonderful stroll. Down here in Florida, we are still having temps in the 90s with high humidity. But it is the late afternoon shadows that tell me, though it is fleeting here, autumn is on the way. A couple more months of hurricane season to get through and I will breathe easy. Autumn is the start of all things good. Have a great run!

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