Celebrations Abound

For so many reasons we are celebrating tonight. First due to the string of birthdays for daughter and niece, yet another Anniversary of this decade+ Nine Cent Girl blog, and wow, for the brilliant power of democracy in action. If you haven’t lifted your voice up in jubilant celebration, let this post encourage you with a wahoo for all the marvels of the week. In the spirit of positivity, I suggest that you roll out your yoga mat, hop on your bike, pour a glass or do whatever it is that you do to chant yourself into bliss for all the goodness that came your way this week. Let’s sparkle for all these triumphs!

To further celebrate, I will suggest 5 past Nine Cent Girl posts for you to reread (if you have the inclination and the time)– all with joy in mind, from oldest to newest, spliced with some photos of today’s sunrise and sunset (which are worth a view even if you’re in a rush), since I had the good fortune to catch both today. See? life is quite magnificent if we pause and allow for some of these marvels to sink in. Click & read on!

The 100th Post” posted on May 9, 2013

Stand, Again” posted on August 27, 2015

With Gratitude” posted on November 23, 2017

Art History” posted  on July 22, 2021

Good News Movement” posted on August 18, 2022

Just wow, right? Words and sunset and life and love and all that sprouts up in the quiet are always worth a second visit. Today, with a sky full of brilliance, very much like the string of wondrous days this week, is worth a cheer, perhaps even a shout, a hallelujah.




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