Good News Movement

Here we are folks, surrounded by increased fear and corporate greed and fresh lies and more scary diseases. Just about every sound bite or headline is enough to send even the most even-keeled among us into a full-on never to recover panic attack. But, and this is a major but, there is plenty of good news sparking up every neighborhood cul-de-sac and throughout your day to day which is worth focusing on, if we only dare to let it, don’t you think? Like, just reflect back, even today, you probably had several wonderful encounters with actual humans worth celebrating, right? Tonight I’ll share a few pleasantries from my week rather than fixate on the latest lunacy being reported by our brave and brilliant reporters. What do you say? You with me? Ready to join a movement of good news?

Let’s start with a morning cup of tea. In a favorite cup. Brewed for the proper time. Under a perfect sky. This is such good news, and I am happy to admit that it happens to me quite a bit. Maybe not always in this glorious location, but tea in itself is still a wondrous drink worth gratitude. Then, of course, are moments with the three who call me mom.

Despite our sometimes glam, we mother and daughter are a bit of Wayne and Garth this summer, and of course that is funny. But on the beach, watching the dolphins frolic and the pelicans soar, there’s a hint of magic that makes all else disappear for a few hours.

And then there is joining this one in his most happy place, directing the dance below, which I am always quite happy to know is the core of his joy. Let’s keep that always, in the kitchen or the club, dance with all your essence, and we will live well.

And of course there is this guy, who is bursting with gratitude himself, having landed a new job with a company of nice people. Yes, you read that right. Everyone is just plain nice. Like that’s the culture, not micromanaging or controlling but giving people what they need to succeed. This is all I would have needed to say, this news is that big, especially in the corporate world and in his many years working with living nightmares, but there is more, because his girl is only days away from welcoming their child into this scene. So wow, how brave and optimistic and hopeful is that? Good News 100%.

But it isn’t just about me and family, there is great news awaiting us all over the place. In the last month I have flown three times, and every one of those trips has been perfect. Believe it our not, it’s true. On time smooth planes taking off and landing just like promised. I just thought you’d like to know, especially because so many people are flying right now, so it’s even more impressive when you look at the numbers. Only gratitude.

Of course coming home is worth celebrating too. The clear sky and rolling hills, the green that fills in every bare spot, the sweetie who greets me, and the flowers still in bloom.

Life is such a gift. And it passes in a blink, so perhaps we could all shift a few minutes out of the chaos to consider our good news from time to time. That’s all I got to say today.


6 thoughts on “Good News Movement

  1. Love this, love the good news club but not crazy about the sentence ‘the latest lunacy playing out in the newspapers‘
    learning the details , the nuance and the multitude of perspectives of any given event, written by courageous and compassionate journalists is the best news ever.

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