Change is in the air once again. Mornings start off crisp while dusk arrives sooner now that it is mid-September. But I find myself wanting to hold on to the laze of August before it vanishes completely. So I attempt to stroll about in the afternoons and take in the flowering gardens, the green in the meadows, the life of the forest, and all the rest of those sweet reminders that summer holds for us. Tonight why not stroll with me, and enjoy the precious sights that are my immediate world before the seasonal change comes for real.

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change comin’ on

Daily last summer, on any of those glorious days, I’d open the front door just to stay closer to green. The sugar maple out front was lush with leaves, and even in the rain I leaned out to drink in that verdant hue. Looking ahead, all I envisioned were more luscious moments, more sweet air, and more bird song.

red door in Vermont farmhouse

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