Best News

Sure I’m in a rage about the 157 House Republicans whose narrow opinion clouds them from seeing the changed world of marriage which has flourished with same-sex couples, or the 195 House Republicans who voted against birth control protections, say wtf?!?!?, or the equally damaging climate setback Joe Manchin decided, upending efforts to save our one small planet currently on fire, or the U.S. Secret Service who accidentally deleted texts from, yes, you guessed it, January 6th. Did your brain just explode???? What a week. Clearly these media headlines are gut-grabbers, but the best news, often the small news, is worth our full attention if only we’d allow it to be. As we endure these July heat-waves, calmer is cooler, so hear me out. Let’s go straight to some good news.

Earlier this week the waves at the Santa Monica beach were formidable, but we managed to dip in daily. Currents and rip tides are powers not to be underestimated, that is something I have learned the hard way, but I dive in with faith along side my brother and daughter. The best news is exactly that, the three of us spent glorious time in the magnificent Pacific, eyes searching the horizon, feet swept along, smiling with every successful resurfacing, that salty water connecting and cleansing us.

Graffiti artists seem to accept change better than most. One day it is their scrawl along the wall, tomorrow another’s. Permanence is not their expectation. Each morning you ride on your cruiser another moniker catches your eye. The present reigns in this flourishing art community where their vision may only last a few hours but no matter, they share it with integrity. Palms swaying overheard a visual metaphor to their inspiration. Be here be here be here they speak so clearly as they feather the sky. Look up they demand. Life will be different so very quickly. That feels like the best news ever.

As big as some moments can be, small ones fill our minutes. Just here. In the breath. In the pink. In the form. In the living. Mostly, I hesitate to let myself relax, since those idiots are pulling the strings and we all get used to the other shoe falling off, but this potted garden draws me to a place of easing. Of calming down, even momentarily. Why not, right? That’s good news. Each moment we are fully untroubled elevates the rest of the crazy floating in the airwaves and filling my feed with those perpetual trumped out lies.

Love is great news. A happy alliance, with laughter as their score, their best news easily spreads into the whole of us. This appears to be the strength of partnerships, teamwork, each doing their best for the greater outcome. We don’t see this outcome with those concerned with increasing their power over people with less, but I am eternally grateful that my chosen crew lifts each other up, shares the joy and lends support on the dark days too. Not everyone is quite as lucky as me, I can acknowledge that, but today, I sure hope you find your people. That you share your laughter with ease, that you shower each other with hope. That you feel your good news ready to break out into silly smiles.

I am pro-choice, there has never been a question about that. I want all persons to make their own informed medical decisions. Having a baby is the decision of these two. But who would be qualified to make this choice for them? Who would assume that god-like stance? Clearly the Justices voted with their personal opinions in mind, not as guardians of our Constitution, despite their shallow attempt to state otherwise. They are a disgrace to the robes they wear, that is obvious, their callous decision will sink those already struggling with soaring rent, outlandish food prices, and all the costs of living. So let’s add what they know they can’t?

I applaud the courage it takes to be a parent in 2022, in a country that affords no benefits to do that. American is scandalized when viewed beyond our border as an uncaring, unnurturing, and absolutely unsupportive place to raise a family, and one only has to look at the policies put into place by the Republicans to see that their concern is to protect wealthy corporations. Support public schools? Nope. Raise the minimum wage? Nope. Paid maternity leave or child care? Ha, you’re a socialist to even suggest such! Oh my what a… Oops… I did promise something better, so let’s return to good news, to joy, and the hope and promise we give to these two darlings. May they out-jump every hurdle they face and keep going strong. May they prove America wrong. May they love with ease.

My heart lives on two coasts. Yearning for each while in the other. Back home in the green mountain state, I walk under a busy big sky, through open fields and tight forests, thinking of those clear across the myriad of land-locked states. Those west coasters hold pieces of my heart, and are an easy delight. But this place too makes me soar. Dream. There is a powerful draw to the solitude allowed along these grassy paths. Me, back home wandering, with my extraordinary wife, this is good news indeed.

Queen Anne’s lace is in bloom. Now that’s a headline worth your attention today.


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