Baby Magic

I know, I know, everyone has a baby somewhere who they adore, a long list of baby nieces or cousins or best-friend’s toddlers or even your own sweet one, but our family has waited a long, a very long time for the arrival of a new baby. It’s been decades. Needless to say, he has swept us all into baby magic with his adorable cuteness. Seriously, it’s impossible not to share our delight for this little sugar baby. Please indulge me, yet again, come along and see for yourself his sweetness!

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Best News

Sure I’m in a rage about the 157 House Republicans whose narrow opinion clouds them from seeing the changed world of marriage which has flourished with same-sex couples, or the 195 House Republicans who voted against birth control protections, say wtf?!?!?, or the equally damaging climate setback Joe Manchin decided, upending efforts to save our one small planet currently on fire, or the U.S. Secret Service who accidentally deleted texts from, yes, you guessed it, January 6th. Did your brain just explode???? What a week. Clearly these media headlines are gut-grabbers, but the best news, often the small news, is worth our full attention if only we’d allow it to be. As we endure these July heat-waves, calmer is cooler, so hear me out. Let’s go straight to some good news.

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trip of a lifetime

#tbt to when we were flying along RT 70 West passing miles of cornfields in Kansas and careening around and over and through the Colorado Rockies and then sweeping across the magnificence of Utah. We drove to California on a trip of a lifetime starting in Vermont. Sounds crazy, right?

Utah along RT 70

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