games people play

This week especially, maybe because of the full moon or who the heck knows, there’s been a divisive air in the air. People have been out to get someone. Even people who normally bat for your team, now are eyeing you sideways, judging your every move. I’ve done my best to ignore these astrological blasts in the past, but the last few days, wow, it’s stretched my good nature. Tonight, instead of crawling deep into fetal, we decided to blast the other direction, head to game night.

lawn games

The breeze was warm, and June-like, although not officially here, heat could be felt from the grass to the treetops all week. This is a welcome sensation for us who have enduring early snow to late snow, resigned our activities to travel permitting, or just gotten through it all, somehow. Time for lawn games to precede, right? Seriously, we are reading the guidelines and rules without a wink.

What is it about negative mind tapes that play over and over? Those sorry solutions that typically never amount to much, but we spent too much energy fretting over. Dragging us into sorrow and too much we just need to shed. Time to just hit the ball and see what actually happens. Time to laugh it up and say wtf about what you can’t change, right? Win or lose we are here for the living.lawn games with fun

All I really want to say this week is let It go. Let it all go. All that worry, and pain, and mistrust over our president and his lies or wondering if the news is whacky or if Roseanne isn’t a Racist or the FBI cares about the deaths of unarmed black youths or if anyone really wants to stop school shooters or if higher ed costs are worth it or should you recycle that water bottle or not. The unanswerable type of questions that flood our minds as we drive along. Instead, just play for a moment. Laugh out loud. Love that person who loves you so much. That’s all. For now at least.

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