Recharge that Battery

We’ve just turned another page in the calendar and suddenly it’s August! In most places a solid stretch of hot and sunny highlights but printed right at the top of the next page we can spy Labor Day, staring us down, directing us to hence forth pack away the beach gear and white pants and halt the impromptu deck parties. Wait, you say? Haven’t even really got your summer on yet? It’s time people. Seriously, winter is coming… in every way. Best advice? Fill up your every available second with fun-shine and play-dates and recharge that battery! First stop? Head to your local farmer’s market and get a pile of organic local fruit and spend a dreamy morning eating clean and light. Nothing says summer like a ripe peach, right? Find one today to share, or not. And the rest of the day will be heavenly.

organic california fruit

Need more suggestions to boost your summer spirit? Put your feet in the sand. Meditate in a garden. Run with a friend. Move your limbs and shift your prana during this easy month when all you need is a bathing suit and sneakers, and all the while listen to your heart beat. Slow it down or speed it up but connect with your own sense of self. This is August calling you home.

Santa Monica California LivingThere is no doubt I am a lucky gal taking in sun and surf with family. Happiness magnified. But what I love about getting to any beach is seeing all the smiling faces there. Piles of folks filling the sandy shore, carting their coolers and umbrellas and chairs, to stay the day away. Kids dance in the waves. Parents laugh. Lovers stroll. Everyone chats. Remembers why we’re working so hard. Days when we plan to do little, together. These moments are all you need to get yourself back, before charging forward again.

Santa Monica Beach in the SummerWhat is it about climbing to the top that brings such clarity? Nothing makes your problems seem less complex than the view from the pinnacle. Observe the city sprawl to the coastline, the contours of the earth below, the vast stretch of horizon above, and in that moment stand still and breathe that in. Big in. Bigger out. Repeat. Dig your heels in to the dirt. Feel our earth. Say wow a few times.

Temesca Canyon, CaliforniaGet yourself somewhere high. Perceive the whole vantage. Love life. Keep that your focus this month. Before you flip the calendar.

Rumi at Venice Beach

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