Walk Yourself Happy

With our move behind us, we are once again able to get out and about and celebrate with autumn in full flame around us. Vermont is abuzz with tourists from near and far, taking in the many vistas, and counting themselves lucky to view the foliage. We are thrilled to be right there on the trail with them as the leaves peak with color while the temperatures are still mild enough to enjoy being outdoors. Whatever may still be on the To-Do list can wait until tomorrow when there is such a glorious afternoon!


Although I’m a huge fan of trains, the conversion of the discontinued tracks into 30 miles ofย  Rail Trail is a fabulous addition to our local community. There is even a convenient bike share program in place, Local Motion. On any given day, during all 4 seasons, you can find people out enjoying this spectacular pathway: cycling, horse-back riding, snowmobiling, skiing or just strolling along.


Nothing cleanses the troubles away like a good walk through the woods. If you are feeling stuck, or down, or confined, or indecisive, or just plain off, why not lace up those kicks and set out the door? Music or not, with a pal or not, along a trail or crunching across the leaves blanketing the lawn, walk yourself happy.


Remembering Frost’s caution, “Nothing gold can stay,” we are grateful for all the brilliant hues granted this season.

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