Moving Day

Much of our life got boxed up, the rest sent off to Goodwill or the dump or the undecided pile. Since November 2013 we have been on the move, downsizing each of the three times, to this, our first, almost official, tiny house. Plenty of decisions about what we still need or want in our lives. Decisions about what is officially junk or worth selling. Decisions about what can fit and what is functional. Decisions about aesthetics. Decisions made while washing the dishes or doing errands or half in the doorway while leaving for work. Decisions on the fly. Moving day is upon us and decisions rule the day.

moving1Do you ask friends to help you when they volunteer repeatedly? After our first big move, from Inn to apartment, each location with multiple staircases and just too much stuff to bear, we decided that was an imposition we could never ask again; so instead, discovered a local and fabulous company of handy movers who were more than happy to lug our overly packed boxes. Friends are lifesavers worth saving for celebrations and anniversaries and birthdays or to console you through your sorrows, but not to move boxes of books.


Now, a few short days after the big day, we are still unpacking (which is why this is not a proper blog post); but I will share a few preliminary pics to show off the new space. Still arranging and rearranging, thinking about art placement, all the homey touches, but here’s a sneak peak!


The house is passive, causing only a minimal footprint, so every interior inch is precious. Of course the expansive view, as many Vermont locals provide, is one that showcases a bright blue sky and shouts of Autumn color. Feeling lucky, feeling blessed, feeling like this will be a wonderful home once we settle in.


6 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. About eight years ago, my husband and I sold our 4 bedroom house and moved to a sailboat! So I know about downsizing. It’s an incredibly cleansing and powerful thing to do and I truly admire anyone who takes on such a momentous task. Because I truly do understand. The emotional, the physical, the sentimental… it’s all wrapped up in such a move. Good for you both!

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