wandering into waterfalls

Living in the rural and magnificent state of Vermont gives us countless opportunity to walk, swim, and rejoice in clean air and water. Rivers, large and small, and lakes dot the picture perfect landscape, and if you are willing to hike a bit, waterfalls too abound. Recently, we spent a few afternoons when the sun was bright and warm seeking out a variety of swimming holes. Lucky us, right?


The first waterfall we hiked to was Moss Glen Falls, just outside the Stowe village. The falls are over a hundred feet high, and cascade into several deep pools along the drop. I managed to climb part way, enjoying a soak in each landing as I went upward, the pounding water hitting rock refreshing my every sense.

Falls1CollageDuring another adventurous day, we drove south on RT 100 to Warren where we found a spectacular yet far less vertical waterfall; this one created marked drops along miles of river. After a short hike I jumped into the finest crisp mountain water, warmed to perfection by the July sunshine, and allowed all that wonder to flood my soul.


On the other side of Sugarbush mountain is Bristol, “surrounded by serene woodlands‚ crystal clear streams and rivers and delightful mountain scenery (Small Town Living at its Best). The falls we found outside that quaint town also ran within a meandering river and was filled with massive boulders. How can one not get silly when enjoying such an romp? Delicious water, turned green through the reflection of forest and light, makes this Nine Cent Girl truly a happy stay-cationer.


We picnicked along a small brook just up river from Texas Falls, and investigated the shallow waterway carving through an old forest before trekking further. I snapped one illusive shot of my constant companion and always photographer, Ms. Mj. Her desire to wander into waterfalls with me is exactly why this #summerwins! If luck prevails, we shall continue wandering for days and days and days…


I do hope these next weeks afford you time to divert from your everyday tasks and path, and allow Earth’s wonders to awaken positive energy, joy, adventure, and hope too! We are a nation of thoughtful, and kind, and loving peoples, diverse in every imaginable way. Let’s remember the strength in that difference as we splash about in the summer sunshine. Let’s remember that through the tough conversations ahead. America the Beautiful, beyond the lyrics, is as possible as we are willing to ensure by our very actions.

8 thoughts on “wandering into waterfalls

  1. I love it when this happens! And I love the portraits of you as a mermaid. 🙂 Those are the only kind of photos of myself I tend to keep: remembered joy in wild places… This year the mosquitoes are outrageous in southcentral Wisconsin, but we may be acquiring a “new” car soon that will let us get out of town again so maybe we can find a place they haven’t conquered before the summer ends.

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