New beginnings open before us each moment, but especially in the Autumn, with golden hues hitting the green, tasseled cow corn tall IMG_7076enough to be harvested, frosty morning air and apple trees laden with fruit: seasonal indicators to prod us forward. The shift from beach chair to classroom comes at the same time. This migration inward is a challenge on every possible level for families across the continent: shuffling schedules, sitting again, waking up to an alarm, sitting again, planning lunches and snacks, sitting again, and how to get all the laundry done? Did I mention sitting again? School sessions are in full swing, for students and teachers alike; together we face those challenges once again.

Thankfully there are bursts of color, everywhere, literally.

Before the dark and cold season, during Autumn, there are reminders everywhere to move. To shift. To move and shift in such a way that energy flows freely. During last night’s yoga class my instructor reminded me of that very truth. In the first minutes of class, in the resting position of down dog she encouraged us to wiggle about, rise up and down on our toes, push our hips from side to side. Move she said. Move anyway that feels good for you. Let this newly released energy propel stored tensions right out. Away. Her words jolted me like an conductor and as we rose, our arms reaching the heavens, I let all the day’s worries float up from my finger tips.


Vermont is bursting with autumnal colors, easing the shift from summer fun to a more contemplative season up ahead.


Release. Move. Breathe. Shift along side the natural world around you. October is simply the best…

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