Get the Party Started!

Tonight I am traveling clear across the U.S. to see my three Cali kiddos. Why? Well besides the why the heck not, it’s time to get the party started! October is my birthday month, and as I intend to keep it as joyous as possible, clearly, being greeted by these smiles is the best way to start. Most of us, myself included, never find it easy to shift decades, to make the leap from one seemingly big number to another even BIGGER one, especially in our youth-celebrated and fearing-the-future culture. But in the spirit of all those fabulously daring women who were still dancing at their 80th, and have forged a colorful path ahead of me, I too plan to make an even bigger splash next year, and the one after that, until, well… I’ll be floating beyond all of this…


Nothing better to renew the soul than a rooftop celebration as the sun sets into the Pacific, surrounded by warm air, warm colors, and even warmer love. Yes, this Saturday evening is marked on the calendar with a star!

picisto-20150917201554-761206I recommend you all find a slice of your own joy this week too! Allow yourself a soiree away from your day to day routine, break out and do something special. Listen to your heart, and laughter will surely follow, xxoo

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