All you need is…ping-pong

What makes a house a home? Laughter, love, family, and a few fabulous ping-pong games! This parlor game, which originated in England in the 19th century, was created for the leisure class, to fill those dull after-dinner hours. Within a few short decades, whiff-whaff, later to be termed table-tennis, took on a more competitive role, and is now a game that fuels tournaments around the globe. We decided, when making our last move, to bring back the game that one can play regardless of weather, even in your own home, into ours. Of course, first comes the days awaiting the delivery, and then the hours of set up…


Once assembled it is essential that the first hit be done by a champ. Superstition or tradition, who knows, but we wanted this done right, so we enlisted our favorite pro, the Queen Bee, (a title she was dubbed after her fabulous performance), and her oldest grandson, to be the very first players. And this was not an easy match to call. Tough corner shots and plenty of hard hitting ensued. All in all, the table was properly christened!


Afterwards the competitive games began between the brothers! These two tore up the table and filled the whole house with their vocal commentary. We did loads of watching. They did loads of playing.

Nothing like having sons and the grandmother visit, to quickly make whatever structure we inhabit, become a haven, a home.


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