Summer Magic

August days keep us at the beach longer than planned and cause us to drive into the hills to find a cold mountain stream and even make biking into the dusk tremendous fun. Summer is at its best with corn on the table for dinner and peaches overflowing the breakfast bowl. August means loud and laughing people, salty and sandy bodies, breaking schedules and disrupting routines to make one big messy vacation that leaves you exhausted and smiling. For as long as I can remember August has centered around family, and thankfully, these last few weeks, that was exactly what this month brought.

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Feel the Freedom

As illusive and fleeting as youth, summer days come rippling through our lives, but we panic. What to do with a sunny Saturday? That one long weekend in July? Quickly, family gatherings, backyard barbecues, tasks only completed in warm weather, and much more, fill our calendar. Can I request we all collectively push the pause button? Stop for a moment? Take a look at green? And blue? Listen to the cardinal’s song and walk along the water’s edge? Exhale America, here comes our Independence Day. A time to feel the freedom.

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All you need is…ping-pong

What makes a house a home? Laughter, love, family, and a few fabulous ping-pong games! This parlor game, which originated in England in the 19th century, was created for the leisure class, to fill those dull after-dinner hours. Within a few short decades, whiff-whaff, later to be termed table-tennis, took on a more competitive role, and is now a game that fuels tournaments around the globe. We decided, when making our last move, to bring back the game that one can play regardless of weather, even in your own home, into ours. Of course, first comes the days awaiting the delivery, and then the hours of set up…

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