This isn’t a real blog entry, so I apologize right off to you, my loyal few, who come to Nice Cent Girl hoping to read a boxphotowell-turned phrase or hear some well-crafted insight. Right now my world is a sea of boxes, scattered to-do lists, missed phone calls: Yes, our moving is finally eminent!

We have done the yard sales, the Goodwill donations and dump runs, haggled with the furniture consignment guy, and arranged a pick up from the local resource center. Reservations are set for the U-haul and friends promising to lift and carry, calls to switch utility companies and the myriad of other calls to end and start residencies. No time for much else, but downsizing from a three story Victorian to our simpler abode requires navigation with tight timing.

However, in the stillness of night unable to sleep, my mind drifts away from my First World worries to those families and communities torn asunder in the Philippines. There is most definitely where all our attention needs to be. As always, our global community is fusing together to provide much needed support, but as always, more is needed. Here is a link to several good organizations: Humanitarian Aid  ; all of which will make your giving immediate.

Providing relief where we can to who we can is exactly what makes living worthwhile, and while I am extraordinarily grateful for the helping hands surrounding me right now, I look forward to making time when I too can once again reach out to those in need.

15 thoughts on “Relief

  1. Sometimes the shortest are the best! This was very moving. Thanks.

    Deb Fennell

    PS Have enjoyed following the changes. Will miss you on this side of the mountain, but enjoy your new home!


  2. I give you credit for writing a post when you’re in the midst of moving! I don’t think I’d be able to focus on my blog while surrounded by boxes and furniture ready to be moved, not to mention the tear in my heart whenever I have to move. I also wouldn’t have thought of giving a mention to the people of the Philippines while I was so busy with my own life changes. Thank you for doing that. The images I’ve seen on television and online are heartbreaking; one feels so helpless in the face of such massive suffering.


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