Backyard Blooms

doorphotoRight out my front door the brilliance of the azalea causes me to pause, take a deep breath, observe their magnificence, and then, slowly, move into the day’s demands. For Spring is fleeting bursts of brilliant blooms that blossom for oh such a short time and then blow about in the blustery breeze vanishing before your eyes.

No matter your geography, I hope you can smell the sweet sweetness in your backyard, park, or neighborhood…From the low lying tiny blooms to the grandiose flowering trees, Spring delight is everywhere you find yourself.

I encourage you to take in the delicacy of the bloom, the aroma of the spray, and the blush of the plants photographed from my backyard and revel in this ephemeral season for a brisk moment.







Venture out into the new greenery and stand solid for long enough to take in nature’s wonder alive around you. As we leave May behind and open the door to June, I hope daily life is easier, with more lake-side dinner picnics, leisurely woods-walks, free-time creative-time, love-laughs into the twilight and cherished memory-makers.


22 thoughts on “Backyard Blooms

  1. After four days of unrelenting rain in Vermont,out you step into glorious SPRING! My,how lovely you make it all sound……makes one want to get out on the deck,clean off the chairs,find the cushions,get the table cloth on the table and love being outside for breakfast!!!!! Now that’s what I call a blog,Moira! (So are the others)


  2. Reblogged this on Nine Cent Girl and commented:

    Come May we are overwhelmed by fragrance and color, flowers popping everywhere. Seems like every year I suggest the same, that we all take a moment to enjoy every vibrant aspect of the season. You’ll be so glad you did.


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