Secret Ingredient

IMG_5901Secret drawers were a must-have growing up in my mother’s house, and I passed the tradition on to our children, who filled theirs with every memento and tidbit of those fast years. Looking back, isn’t it those very secrets that define our individuality? Cooking is no different. Any cook willing to play a bit will stumble onto something uniquely theirs and quite often keep this ingredient a secret.

Specialty shops are a great place to find something that will make your meals a success… We stumbled on to such a find right here in Vermont: Saratoga Olive Oil Company. The products are fresh and organic, making the most fabulous olive oil… but the real find for us was their balsamic vinegars! The shop is set up so you can taste every one of the dozen or so varieties and find exactly which one would compliment any dish you can dream up. Here is one (yes secret-infused) recipe that will kick-start your June !!

Summer SalsaIMG_5900

Tomatoes (remove the seeds first)
Green peppers
Optional: fresh cooked corn cut from the cob

The basic rule is 3 parts tomato, one part onion, one part green pepper and garlic to taste. Dice all into small pieces and combine in a large bowl. Add some of that yummy olive oil and (here is the secret to the whole dish) Sagatoga Olive Oil Co. Coconut White Balsamic Vinegar! (Again, vary amounts according to taste) Sprinkle in salt and pepper with a dash of cumin to top off the salsa perfectly!

Serve right then and there or keep in the refrigerator until you’re ready with a platter of your favorite corn chips. Enjoy!

*** Saratoga Olive Oil did NOT pay me to write this!! Yes, their products are that good!!

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