Comfort: Part 3

flowersIf you have been following my blog over the past two weeks, you must have known I would get around to this topic eventually– Yes, Comfort: Part 3 is FOOD! I am fairly certain that just about everyone would have a different response if asked which food provides comfort to them, but I hope to find common ground… For instance, close your eyes and imagine a creemee from your local stand on a warm July evening, or a steaming cup of cocoa on a pre-Christmas afternoon, or a bowl of fresh picked strawberries late spring, all of these would bring comfort and a bit of joy, right?

But for the sake of choosing one food, I’ve narrowed comfort down to one recipe for one sweet treat, bound to bring a grinning smile and delicious satisfaction after each little nibble: follow the simple directions below to produce a party-size chocolate bar!


Coconut (sweetened or not), Almonds (sliced), Walnuts (chopped), Sunflower Seeds (try Tamari roasted), Raisins ( we have also used Craisins, but you could use any dried fruit), and finally Chocolate Chips ( I suggest a quality chocolate like Ghirardelli) All quantities depend on how big a bar you want to make.


Using a dry skillet, toast the coconut, nuts, and seeds, individually. You may use only one of these or if you want a chocolate bar chock-full, use all of them! After toasting toss the mixture together in a large bowl. Add any of your dried fruit options.

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Timing is key here, you have to melt it to just the right point, too much and it will start to harden again. During this melting time you may add a pat of butter for shine or a splash of milk for a creamy texture.

Pour the melted chocolate into the bowl of coconut-nut-fruit mixture immediately. Quickly toss. Once mixed thoroughly, spread out on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. You may let it cool on the counter, or stick it in the fridge to speed the process along.chocolate

Once the chocolate mixture is hardened all the way through, cut into bite size squares.

As you serve this ultimate comfort food watch the smiles spread about the room!!

Happy Valentine’s Day all!! xxoo

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