Ode to February

Who can fault a month that celebrates a day of LOVE and a long weekend for PRESIDENTS? Not me, at least not this year, while we are being inundated with snow storms and snow flurries and even more snow showers. Ode to February indeed!! Along with all that white bluster, there is poetry to read while curled up sipping hot chocolate, inspiring us through this short and lovely month.

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Love Train

There are plenty of myths surrounding love and marriage, and as we navigate relationships that last longer than a swipe to the heartsright, we find ourselves breaking new ground at each milestone. I am no expert, but I have gleaned a thing or two through my decades of marriage. First and foremost, it really doesn’t matter what works or doesn’t work for someone else. It’s you two. Period. So whatever advice I offer here, you have my blessing to take it or ignore it.

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Black & White Meets Red

Out my window here in northern Vermont is a winter world of Black & White with nothing much in between unless you count gray… But as February has two Red inspired events (Valentine’s Day and the Red Carpet driven Oscars) I found myself venturing into a foray of party-ready RED, especially on the eve of March… so here we go straight into color!


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Comfort: Part 3

flowersIf you have been following my blog over the past two weeks, you must have known I would get around to this topic eventually– Yes, Comfort: Part 3 is FOOD! I am fairly certain that just about everyone would have a different response if asked which food provides comfort to them, but I hope to find common ground… For instance, close your eyes and imagine a creemee from your local stand on a warm July evening, or a steaming cup of cocoa on a pre-Christmas afternoon, or a bowl of fresh picked strawberries late spring, all of these would bring comfort and a bit of joy, right?

But for the sake of choosing one food, I’ve narrowed comfort down to one recipe for one sweet treat, bound to bring a grinning smile and delicious satisfaction after each little nibble: follow the simple directions below to produce a party-size chocolate bar!

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Comfort: Part 2

February!! Yes, extra minutes of daylight are adding up and brilliant sunshine fills our afternoons despite the winter tunnel still ahead, a large glimpse of light, the promise of Spring, is within sight! Naturally, my mind turns to skin care. Not one to profess a rigid regime, I will suggest a few products to bring comfort to your senses, from their smell to their feel… pure comfort! In reviewing most of the products in my bathroom cabinet I find there are three companies that have seen me through the decades. No matter your skin type, your aversion to animal testing or the controversial usage of propylene glycol, I guarantee you will love these products and they will make you feel beautiful! Curious? Read on…

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