Comfort: Part 3

flowersIf you have been following my blog over the past two weeks, you must have known I would get around to this topic eventually– Yes, Comfort: Part 3 is FOOD! I am fairly certain that just about everyone would have a different response if asked which food provides comfort to them, but I hope to find common ground… For instance, close your eyes and imagine a creemee from your local stand on a warm July evening, or a steaming cup of cocoa on a pre-Christmas afternoon, or a bowl of fresh picked strawberries late spring, all of these would bring comfort and a bit of joy, right?

But for the sake of choosing one food, I’ve narrowed comfort down to one recipe for one sweet treat, bound to bring a grinning smile and delicious satisfaction after each little nibble: follow the simple directions below to produce a party-size chocolate bar!

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