A Brisk Walk

I know, I know, you have read plenty on this blog about my love of walking and my obsession about this avenue to better health… I do know, really. But in all seriousness, I am convinced, beyond all the wellness benefits, that if we only add a tad more walking into our daily life we would feel excellent, be better people, live happier lives, and find direction and determination in the very places we need to find them. Too grandiose? Truly, all the promise possible can be accomplished with a brisk 20 minute walk!

No matter your landscape or location I suggest you lace up some sensible shoes, load your iPod with favorite beats and head outdoors to find the renewal your mind and soul craves, especially as the sun skips along with the river current…

If you rise early enough you can catch the fleeting fall frost on the back field. The sight of the grass shimmering in the morning light will fill your day with artistry and magic…

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a recreation path nearby perfect for your walk.  Mine is carpeted with crisp colored leaves. Most days I share this path, but today it is only me and the brilliant autumn coolness to wake my mind…

Corn fields dominate the landscape in Vermont. This cow corn is left by the farmer to dry on the stalk for a few more weeks. Not green and growing anymore but reaching for the heavens all the same, taking our aspirations straight to the celestial realm…

Maple, birch, oak: all the splendor of deciduous trees brighten every roadway in Vermont right now. These leafy hues will refresh your vision and your mood as you stroll. No matter your location, I am confident you will find grace awaits you there…

Returning home you will not be the same person who started on you walking journey. After you tackle the short hills on your trek you will find the fortitude to tackle anything in your path…

Trust me with this charge… Change can be this simple…

20 thoughts on “A Brisk Walk

  1. gorgeous walk moira! we just dashed down to the beach between rain squalls to see the lagoon breaking out into the sea after all the heavy rain …it was twenty minutes, with a bit of jogging as the returning rain hit us …but i feel great now 🙂


  2. Couldn’t agree more. I love walking…! I wish I could do more however, life has other plans. When I was a youngster I would walk and walk and walk; didn’t matter where, I just loved to walk and be silent and enjoy nature…
    A great pastime; to say nothing of the health benefits, of course…


  3. That WAS like a brisk walk, that read. I love the photos. I LOVE huge trees.

    I used to walk regularly years ago, before having my son. I walked MILES. I know what you’re talking about, the benefits. Very true.


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