Harvest Market

Summer is over… No sense denying it as we face October… So I’ve taken my beach blanket and spare bathing suit out of the car, packed away my sleeveless sundresses, and am treasuring the hours of delicious but dwindling daylight. Happily, there is still a great abundance of wonderful produce at my local farm stand and farmers’ market to brighten my kitchen! In fact, flowers are still blooming, food is still growing, as fields in Vermont overflow with pumpkins and gourds and squashes …

Driving over the mountain pass to the Stowe Farmers’ Market I am not disappointed by all the fresh food just waiting for me…

The first stall I encountered is a tomato haven: a table filled with delicious ripeness.

I say yes to both the beefsteak variety and the cherry tomatoes. Salsa and salad, as well as sauce are definitely going to be on our menu.

It seems like very week I arrive at the farmers’ market, I discover a new vegetable. First, garlic scapes now exotic varieties of peppers spice up our salads and sauces.

Not only does food taste better from your local farms but by buying local produce you are supporting our agricultural world, and according to Wendall Berry, this is key to sustaining a meaningful life!

Autumn brings soup season to our house and these squashes look like they will be perfect in our big pot…

Looking for scrumptious bread? There is no shortage of fantastic bakeries showcasing fresh whole grain delights here today… One loaf along with a dozen fresh eggs will make our weekend breakfast perfect!

The Stowe Farmers’ Market is positioned right on the edge of a wonderful meandering path, so after I store the yummy produce in my car, I take advantage of the bright blue sky, and enjoy a stroll,

passing a sparkling stream on one side and acres of tall corn on the other, all the way to the maze entrance. Fun, right? The place is buzzing with families running in and out of sight, all loving the afternoon as much as I am.

All over the East Coast Fall brings apples orchards open for picking, and these too are making their way onto our plates… A favorite recipe right now is homemade flat-bread topped with sweet apples and roasted chicken.

Of course, it is another delight to stumble upon local apples right from the orchard at our local chocolatier’s shop, covered in, yes, chocolate and caramel!      

Clearly, eating locally, right from the farm or bakery or orchard is what the good life tastes like!!

13 thoughts on “Harvest Market

  1. Here in Australia we are leaving Winter behind as we gently move into Spring… The forecast is for a very hot (more than is usual), dry Summer. Even today, and yesterday, saw temps (in my little neck of the woods) hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, or 86 Fahrenheit… Yeow, that’s hot for Spring in September.
    Autumn does bring the warmth of comfort food, with lots of yummy breads. I love your Farmer’s Market. We don’t have one close (more’s the pity). Enjoy Autumn/Fall; after all, what else can we do except enjoy all of the seasons with all of their variety…! Lovely post and pics… 🙂


  2. Gosh I’ve been craving a trip to the FARMERS MARKET and lucky me – one has taken up occupancy downtown. Though they’re only going to be open on Thursdays from 3pm -7pm, I assure you this is one time-block on Thursdays that I will not miss. THANK YOU for enticing me and rekindling my excitement for fresh fruits, veggie, fresh bread and homemade tamales. Ow! Your NINE CENTS is so refreshing. Thanks for the post GIRL.


  3. I wish I had a Farmer’s Market with as many fresh, delicious looking produce as yours! Also, sad to hear summer is over for you… but I can’t help but be glad as finally here in Australia I can say good bye to the gloomy, cold winter days! 😛


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