April’s Walking Challenge

As April neared I was barraged with challenges: from the Photo of the Day, to The Magic‘s 28 day program, to Script Frenzy. Being prone to the 3 C’s (Competitive, Creative, and apparently Cranky when inactive) I thought, not only would I attempt all three of those challenges, but I would create yet another for myself.  This one I hope you will all consider joining with me. It’s simple. Walk for 30 minutes every day. Start today. If you miss a day, make it up by adding time on another day, but try, try with all the might of a serious challenge, to walk each day.

Recently I googled “benefits of walking” and found pages of info. Mental health benefits. Physical health benefits. Plain and simple, if you want to avoid heart concerns or type 2 diabetes or a slew of dis-eases related to inactivity or obesity, daily walking is your key to health. Yet despite the abundance of information about this simple and basic activity, many people come up with every excuse in the book to avoid walking.

My April Walking Challenge is to stop making those excuses, and instead take the time to walk every day for 30 minutes. Perhaps you might get a headlamp and walk in the pre-dawn. Or purchase a baby jogger and take your child along. Maybe with a co-worker head out of the office to walk during your lunch break. Where ever you can, put walking in your schedule. There might even be days when you will have to do laps in your home to log your 30 minutes… whatever you do, make a commitment to the April Walking Challenge.

While out walking look around at the spring bursting forth. Look up when you can. Listen to all the sounds. You may have a different terrain where you live, but I encourage you to embrace it regardless. These photos show my local walking route.

Spring in Vermont can often bring snow… but no matter your obstacle, keep yourself going by calling up a few buddies. The laughing and talking will keep you warm despite low temperatures or inclement weather.

Just place one foot in front of the next, without worrying about your distance or pace. In fact, forget all the health advantages, just enjoy your neighborhood or nearby park, and you will walk your way into a whole new state of being! A happier, and healthier you… and do let me know how you feel when May comes along.

5 thoughts on “April’s Walking Challenge

  1. I agree with everything you said. I just took my daily 30 minute walk a few hours ago, just before sunset–and it was so pleasant! The 30 (or more!) minute walk has been part of my weekly excercise routine for years, and it has become a very enjoyable habit.


  2. Well,aren’t you something!!!!! Yes,I agree,that is what keeps me young. Two days a week I swim….20 laps in an olympic pool. The other days I go to the Nature Center and walk….usually one hour……Some days i can’t do it….(overwhelming circumstances…like visiting the sick and i need a nap)….but it’s my schedule…..But,ninecentgirl,you are correct. Most people ask me where i get my energy…..well,you have it…….I walk the walk,as the saying goes…..


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