there is plenty that I have been thinking about this week but as I was got writing all that news-worthy news it made more and more heat in my brain, so I thought I’d stop that train wreck of thought and take a walk… there is promise bursting in my neighborhood and that makes this just a moment worth my observation and possibly your time too

strolling a mile or two down my road and you come to a large but shallow lake where the ducks take control from Spring to Autumn and my boy Mr. Blue has just arrived and that really made me smile even if he was skittish and hightailed it as soon as I spotted him

these are two news items worth my time and energy and maybe yours too tonight…

April’s Walking Challenge

As April neared I was barraged with challenges: from the Photo of the Day, to The Magic‘s 28 day program, to Script Frenzy. Being prone to the 3 C’s (Competitive, Creative, and apparently Cranky when inactive) I thought, not only would I attempt all three of those challenges, but I would create yet another for myself.  This one I hope you will all consider joining with me. It’s simple. Walk for 30 minutes every day. Start today. If you miss a day, make it up by adding time on another day, but try, try with all the might of a serious challenge, to walk each day.

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