My Script Frenzy

Just in case you thought I had completely forgotten my blog and was off chasing the sunset in Maui, I am here to let you know, that I have only been slightly swept away by Script Frenzy! 100 pages in one month… and a screenplay is born! Mine is based on a novel I wrote, CRAZY STRING. The following is the opening scenes, all taking place in a flashback 20 years earlier. This pivotal scene colors the lives of the Ueland family as we meet up with them, until finally… well never mind that… I’m not giving away the plot!


Summer, 1983. MARION UELAND (38) and DALE MERRILL (19) are climbing on to a Honda 400 and starting down the driveway to jump start the bike. Both are whispering and trying to sneak away.


Kitchen table filled with poker chips and 6-8 young guys sitting around. Beer bottles lined up all over, cards in hand, loudly egging each other, STEPHEN UELAND, (46) at the head with the biggest smile, looking like he’s got a great hand. Camera goes up the stairs to children’s bedroom, skims over the rumbled bedding of little PETER UELAND (4) and then onto his sister BEATRICE UELAND (6), both fast asleep. Each child has a crocheted blanket on their bed, each different colors. Camera moves down the short hall to DAVID (12) UELAND’S room. He is sitting up in bed, looking out the window. David’s blanket is orange and red. The camera catches the tail lights of the motor cycle.


Motorcycle races down the dirt road, onto the main road. No other cars around, General Store sign is just shutting off, Town Hall is lit from the outside, motorcycle races out of town. Shot of speedometer shows speed increasing. Flash of Marion’s face shows her looking back, strain on her face. Dale looks equally serious.


A montage of fast scenes: time moving: Stephen wins the hand, cards get through down, beers get finished, general poker noise about the table, a few guys step out on to the porch to light a cigarette. Stephen pulls chips toward him, counting and laughing. Upstairs David is now laying down in his bed staring up at the ceiling. He pulls the blanket up over his head. Time shift: hours later, only a few guys left at the table. Ambulance sirens sounds slowly grow louder than the music. Flash to the bike in the middle of the road, then back to the card game. Blue lights of three trooper cars coming up the driveway. Blue light splashing the kitchen scene and the kids in bed. All eyes turn toward the blue lights.

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my vision… Okay, now back to my script frenzy… I still have 43 pages to write before the end of the month!

13 thoughts on “My Script Frenzy

  1. love it..very visual…but you can extend your page count a bit by setting up a new log line (ie INT KITCHEN for every time you cut to the poker game for example) even in a montage they tend to format it that way. its a great opener tho….look forward to the rest…


  2. What a script!!!!!! So real……it happens….all the time,all over America…those scenes…..BUT as for the ending…I can’t imagine… are inspired……


  3. Congrats on Script Envy! I loved NaNoWriMo. I think those are great ways to develop a writing community when we don’t have it directly around us. I’ll look forward to seeing it in HD 3D in a multiplex selling $50 tubs of popcorn sometime soon.


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