Finishing Touches

Getting dressed for your day can be a daunting task if you are feeding kids and packing lunches. Or even if you’re not. Getting your whole look together in the dark dawn can often mean pulling on that same old thing too many times. My daughter, once she reached 7th grade and decided what she wore to school defined her, began arranging her outfits the night before. She carried this habit into her adult life, especially when she has an important affair, she plots out her whole look beforehand, tries it on, fiddles with accessories, to works out the whole ensemble. Smart girl who grew to become a professional stylist. As of today, I rarely get that far with my wardrobe, but I do stop before I head out the door and view my whole self, then add a flourish here or there to make my look as signature as my spirit. I encourage you, tomorrow, reach for something new, switch up your hairstyle, don a neglected pair of earrings, a colorful bracelet, just play with your finishing touches.


Hats are a simple way to change it up, especially for someone like me, who has no time to create anything too complicated with my hair. Up or down, some days it falls straight while other days it might curl a bit, but plop a hat on my head and everything is different. Winter warm woolens, summer wide brim sun stoppers, and in between, whimsy is a perfectly fine option.


Another element is shoes or boots. I rotate through my closet, and often plan my whole look around my footwear. Like most women I’m on my feet most of the day, so keeping them comfortable is an essential part of the equation, and therefore dictates my decision to buy smart. I prefer shoes or boots with a chunky heel, walkable and stylish, mostly black, but with variety in the structure I can change my look easily.


A favorite accessory of mine is leg wear. I seem to have collected every color and texture. Adding to the pattern in my clothing or adding a pop of color, all can be possible with the right tights. I often peruse the sales rack, adding to my collection, and my fun!


Start tomorrow. Add an accessory that makes you feel confident, whether it be a colorful leggings or a floppy hat, bracelets that move up and down your arm while you gesture or a scarf that adds another layer to your pattern. Use finishing touches to create the one and only fabulous you.


8 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. I’m in the first camp – getting dressed for work while wrangling the kids out the door. I too am a ‘night before-r’ – I lay out the gals’ uniforms and pick out what I’m going to wear, including shoes and accessories.


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