L is for Lilac

I find I don’t need to say too much about anything important this week. The world is spinning along regardless of reason or empathy in a reckless and measured spin yet I can do nothing except fall with gratitude for each and every happy day. Today, and all the near yesterdays were all about the flowers. The scent. Intoxicating joy. The magnitude galore. Spring Fling in purple for starters is worth a discussion.

A lighthouse repositioned in a grand park with tulips in the forefront. This Shelburne Museum I love, aflame with purple and red and pink and green and yellow and delight.

Apple blossoms are here too. Dark pinks or hardly pink regardless they will slay you.

Up close especially.

Contrasts abound with the complementary colors of green and red. Thank you tulips.

Can you smell that sweet bee-charming fragrance?

In fancy parks and front yards lilacs rule. Hummingbirds recovering from their latest migration pay their homage to this singing bush. I watch them dart to and fro over my morning tea. I too move into their aromatic charms, reverently stunned.

L is for Lilac, and for Love and for Laughter and for Light and for Life and for Legendary. Step out and look around. Spring is hopping and popping for us!


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