A quiet Farewell to a dear and lovely Lady

In a family as large as ours, small gatherings are a rarity, but due to an abundance of circumstances, this farewell was a small one. Our dear Aunt Pat, Catherine Buckley McAllister, passed in mid-May, but it was yesterday we gathered in her Montreal to celebrate her long and meaningful life. I am so grateful for her love, her ability to listen, and her attention to me through different stages of my life. She was a true lady, elegant and smart, strong and steady, and I am so grateful to have had such a mentor in my corner. As I contemplate the loss of yet another mother, I am reminded of how lucky I have been to have had so many powerful women to learn from and admire, always, and this Aunt is most certainly among that list.

As we are often reminded at funerals, we, family and friends, are forever woven together, each impacting another in endless ways, from the simplest of encounters; and it is often in those quiet moments that we can feel those timeless ties. This lovely lady will always remind me of the good stuff. Like beauty. And joy. And slowing down long enough to really hear and see each other. Such a wonderful teacher, and teaching, especially in the chaos of today’s world. Rest in Peace dear Aunt Pat. We will all miss you.

11 thoughts on “A quiet Farewell to a dear and lovely Lady

  1. Moira, I’m so sorry -but grateful- to hear about Pat’s passing. My mother traveled to Europe with Pat and your aunt Marjorie (her best friend and college roommate – and my godmother!) after graduation from college. I have heard her name my entire life. Pat called my mother when Marjorie died. So this is truly the end of an era. I’m sorry for your loss but echo the sentiment that we are all blessed to have had these strong women in our lives. Thinking of you and your family…

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    • Thank you. I think you may be confusing my Aunt Pats— we have 3 in the McAllister family. This one was married to my mother’s brother, not her sister Pat. But quite a loss all the same 💔


  2. Moira, I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your dear aunt. When things settle down for you let’s get together for lunch. Xoxo Sara 😘

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  3. My mom and your Aunt Marj (Meg) and Pat had a wonderful weeks-long trip to Europe in 1950, just after the war. A few great photos of the three of them on the ship going over… and of course a McAllister tug pushed the boat out with both their parents on board… condolences to your extended family. I remember how kind Pat always was, and she cried when I called to tell her my mom had passed. Thinking of them all somewhere together along with your mom!


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