Dreams + Hopes for 2022

As we stand on the first step of another year, perhaps most of us naturally look back and reflect, and hope to gain insight on all the experiences during the last 365 days. But I must say, having spent much of 2021 engaged in more introspection than I thought possible, today, I’d rather focus on dreaming dreamy dreams for 2022. But mostly, looking across the horizon of hardships we all fought through last year, I’d say it is time to restore hope: hopes big and small. With faith in each other all our collective wonder and desire will certainly translate into hope, wouldn’t you agree?

These last many months have felt like only the shadows of life. An existence primarily underground. Grief at the top most level too. Lost lives, jobs, relationships, and opportunities. Much of that has occupied my mind, my writing, my spoken words too. But within the dark has been pockets of light, and on this day, I will focus on the shimmering.

How resilient the world has proven! Service workers donning masks to do all they can to make our needs easier. Health care workers too, working around the clock with our safety in the forefront of their every long hour. Teachers are back in classrooms, from coast to coast, turning the impossible possible. With all these extraordinary people, how can one not celebrate the brilliance of science? I am eternally grateful for the rollout of vaccines, and the return to family and friends due to that modern miracle.

Speaking of family, as this new year crests, I am forever grateful for all their love. Gratitude for all my Nine Cent Girl readers too. Finding community with the bright kiddos in my classroom and my colleagues who buoy me daily, in the vast online network of bloggers and readers, and certainly with those who show me love on the day to day.

How about 2022 bringing a trillion more reasons to smile? A billion more opportunities to be your best self? Hundreds of reasons to give back? I am certainly ready for all of that.

Starting a 2022 wishlist feels like a good activity today. Might need to add a few more before the day is done but yeah, looking ahead is a smiling undertaking. #4 an easy one.

Let me know your dreams and hopes too.

Happy New Year! xoxox



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