Rose for the Occasion

Since forever I have overheard colleagues chatting about their sunrise hikes. Most of October I thought I’d join them, and even suggested a few mornings that might be possible. But the thought of racing to work afterwards, in all that sweat and dirt, and still command a room of teens with confidence, halted me. This morning, an in-service teacher-only day, the week after the time change, plus our unseasonably mild weather, yeah, because of all of that, today the Elmore Mountain hike happened. Started with headlamps under a starry sky but as dawn does, she came fast with tangerine and pink to overcome the black. We enthusiastically tried to make it to the lookout before the sun.

A few of my colleagues, those with winged feet, did just that, and caught the tip of “a charioteer, crossing the sky, from east to west between earthly points, to bring daylight” (Helios). The rest of us were not too far behind, and there certainly was much joy to catch whatever light show we could after the 45 minute climb.

Teachers together in the cool dawn, laughing in their day, is a priceless sight. Of all years, finding a release from the emotional burden our job carries in the time of a universal pandemic, is much needed, and this burst of light and freedom and spirit helped us soar.

Simple and significant.

As small gestures often are.

Pleased we all rose for the occasion.


** Big thanks to @avemcdowell for being numero uno once again, catching that first light and capturing it like the champ she is, xxoo



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