Walk with Me

Walk with me, over the bridge, through the forest, up the trail, to the lookout. During peak foliage there is nothing better to do than just that. Once we reach the top you will be rewarded with an expanse filled with rainbow kaleidoscope fire colors. Guaranteed.

Sometimes the woods are very quiet. But in Autumn every step is a swish and crunch of fallen leaves. Even now while there are still so many leaves overhead the ground is awash with maple leaves: those brilliant reds always seem the first to let go.

Well-worn paths are aplenty in my neighborhood, as they twist and wind in a meander to eventually reach the lofty heights. I am sure there is a metaphor here, but I will leave that for you to sort out. Today I am delighted to be outdoors on this most perfect day.

I do invite you to look up with me through the yellow and orange to spy the blue. The early morning mist lifts to reveal a cloudless sky making it impossible not to stand still for a moment. Reverie comes with ease when we pause under such a living canopy.

Right now this spot is one of a million in New England which offer such a view. But I am glad this one is ours. Down below a crystal blue lake, rolling hills ablaze with color and expansive open fields to farm. One is overcome with gratitude from this lookout: for the opportunity this grand day afforded and the physical ability to hike to this very place.

One can also feel the collective responsibility we all hold too. This land was made for you and me, but will we come together to make the immediate and needed decisions to keep our planet this wonderful?


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