Summer Magic

August days keep us at the beach longer than planned and cause us to drive into the hills to find a cold mountain stream and even make biking into the dusk tremendous fun. Summer is at its best with corn on the table for dinner and peaches overflowing the breakfast bowl. August means loud and laughing people, salty and sandy bodies, breaking schedules and disrupting routines to make one big messy vacation that leaves you exhausted and smiling. For as long as I can remember August has centered around family, and thankfully, these last few weeks, that was exactly what this month brought.

Indulge me please, it has been a long 17 months since I have seen these special ones. Haven’t we all languished over the separation long enough? I vaxxed and masked and braved the air travel, venturing west to finally frolic with my fabulous crew. Oh the magic of summer is an elixir from which we will feed upon for months and months to come!

As August wanes, feast on vine-ripe tomatoes, swim in still-warm waterways, and soak in every bit of the lingering summer sunshine that stretches from dawn to dusk.

You just might be lucky enough to have another week or two before school bells bring you inside or your work schedule sets your rest-of-the-year hectic pace, if so, stroll slowly and smile during these last precious August days. Summer, most definitely, wins.





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