Dear Joe,

As we are coming up on Valentine’s Day, I thought it high time I reach out and let you know how much I adore and love you Joe. Of course, I’m no home-wrecker, so let’s be clear, my love is strictly platonic. Besides I respect your Dr. Jill too much to turn your head. Undeniably, ever since you stood on the main stage and then stepped into the Oval office, I’ve been swooning. It’s more than your aviators or the way you roll up your sleeves with that cool let’s-get-to-work-attitude, but neither of those styling choices hurt. Who doesn’t love a man that knows how to get the job done and looks like a badass doing it? Oh Joe, Americans are so ready for someone smart and skilled and reliably ready to clean up the mess after four years of that incendiary would-be-King who lost the election yet lead a mob of ignorant and deceived to desecrate our Democracy and declare him Emperor. But to hell with that failed insurrection, just come on into our day to day and do your reuniting thing. Welcome you beautiful dish, President Joe Biden.

I love a man who loves his wife. Call me crazy, but that is a real turn on. Layers of honesty, decades of loyalty, with a dash of good old-fashioned morality, wow, that screams heartthrob. Listening to the story of those hard years after losing your first wife and daughter, your first dates with Dr. Jill, and how your then shattered family grew into a new and healed whole, just makes my heart sing. Your love story reminds me of my grandfather’s and my father’s, who both retold endlessly of their great loves, my grandmother and mother, respectively, raising these women up high with their great esteem. I also love how much your own granddaughters adore you, and call you the endearing Pop. I will admit, there are times I call you Pop too. Yeah, it’s true. Who wouldn’t claim you as the best Pop of all? Knowing that you telephone them and encourage them and guide them and have gained their love and trust, only makes you that much more captivating. You are truly a dreamboat in their eyes, and the envy of every Grandpa around town.

Truth be told, I’m crazy about a man who cares. And what is front and center on the Resolute Desk? A bigger and more extensive COVID Relief plan than before. Help for small businesses, extended unemployment benefits, money for a national vaccination program and extended COVID testing, funding for underserved populations and behavioral health services, educational grants, and so much more along with stimulus checks for those Americans most in need. Thinking about those who work to end suffering is why we read about the altruism of Jean Valjean in Les Miserables or the compassion and empathy of Tom in The Grapes of Wrath, or the reason we all leaned in to our TV’s when in your Inaugural speech you told us, “There’s no accounting for what fate will deal you. Some days you need a hand, and there are other days when we’re called to lend a hand.” No one can doubt that your singular mission is to lift up all who have fallen during this pandemic, regardless of political party, religion, race, or identity of any sort, you are our President. Your level of caring is the secret to every Hollywood tear-jerker, and the way straight into America’s heart. Is savior too strong? Well maybe, but based on the direction of your first weeks, I am confident that history will be filled with accolades for your Presidency.

I know there’s plenty of distractions for you, flashy headlines coming from every possible distractor, but stay true blue Joe. Hold the course, and you will for sure build back better. Now that is as sexy as it gets.



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