Livin’ with Flowers

Just about at every corner of my yard, pathway into the woods, or view across town is brightened by various buds and blossoms from dandelions to trillium and everything in between. Red and blue and yellow are all back, as is every shade of green. Seriously, living with flowers is just good livin, right?

Like most I have planted perennials, so from the earliest start of Spring we watch for little shoots to push out from under the lingering snow. Impatient for the full expression we hate the wait. And then, seemingly suddenly, color takes hold and changes our Vermont landscape completely. From white and barren to purple spikes and pink clusters.ย  ย 

Audacious dandelions and tiny bluets dot lawns and roadsides, bringing nothin but smiles to those who linger and notice. Under this sun filled sky that is exactly what I feel I must do. Heaven on earth appears as these tiny florets lift their faces to meet mine.

Despite the wet and cool Spring this year, I have been getting outside whenever I can. Eyes lifted to the blue, even small patches are another welcome bout with color. Anyone who had endured a long stretch of black and white and grey during winter months is hungry for bright and light hues.

Spring time brings an array of forest floor flowers too. We saw multiple shades of trillium, and a score of other fragile blooms during a recent stroll. Beyond sheer beauty why else do all these practically hidden blossoms exist? I’m content knowing they are here to bring joy. Promise. Hope.

June is on the horizon, bringing longer days and hopefully a warmer breeze in the air. Who can deny the power of all these flowers? Time to take a breathe, soak in some rays, and be ready for the summer ahead.



3 thoughts on “Livin’ with Flowers

  1. Besides beauty, why do they exist????

    The flower is probably wondering much the same thing about the strangely mobile two stalked thing that flits briefly past it like the wind and is then gone, leaving little of value to the flower in it’s wake… or so i can imagine! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    More philosophically, it’s primary reason for existence, like ours, is to reproduce itself. A secondary one is to provide sustenance to the lives of others such as bees, birds, ants, deer etc. (Even to us in the form of much needed Oxygen, which it provides by consuming our waste Carbon Dioxide). Joy, promise and hope, i think, falls somewhere far down the ‘list’ of reasons for it to ‘be’.

    Basically, it comes down to whose perspective you view the question from, or which perspective you give greater weight to?. ๐Ÿ™‚


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